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B. Green Associates International, Inc. [BGAI]
As business continues to become ever more international and as leisure
travel becomes one of the largest world economy sectors, it is imperative to
communicate with an ever widening variety of persons. A system integrator
of multilingual information delivery, BGAI can assist you in the the presenta-
tion of your information in multiple media and multiple languages. Providing
an integrated and coordinated system of information will increase your customer's
loyalty and attract additional customers world wide. Our technology background
merges the convenience of on-demand information systems with the skills of the
interpreter. By analyzing your needs, we will implement the best ways to
communicate your message.

Examples of our typical projects may include one or more of these approaches:

In addition, we are actively developing personal information delivery devices.

We're happy to investigate your needs.
You may contact us by E-mail or by telephone, fax or mail.

Company Background:
B. Green Associates International, Inc. was founded in 1993 with the goal of providing information and informational products in the language of the consumer. In particular, we first dealt with the problems of travelers, immigrants and persons on long-term assignment in foreign countries.

During our business life, we have also researched informational needs at locations such as Olympic games, the Commonwealth Games, the Pan Asian Games and other international gatherings. We have met personally with officials of both the Nagano and Sydney Olympics.

Headquarters is located in Santa Clara, California, in the center of California's Silicon Valley. The founder, Bob Green, has spent many years in both the semiconductor and electronics industry here and in foreign countries. Our key members includes staff with many years experience in the multilingual education of Japanese in private schools and industry. BGAI operates Challenge in America™, a Japanese language service to assist Japanese persons living in or visiting the US with Internet, telephonic, fax and in-person methods. A companion website and periodic mail list is published, explaining the techniques of living in the area. We also prepare multidimensional support packages for institutions and apartment complexes that are the home to many Japanese, Korean and Chinese speaking expatriates and their family. The company also is the developing Info-i, a multimedia information system for international application in public and private venues.

BGAI has expertise in many computer based tools to allow publication of information in many media types and repurposing existing information. This includes printed publications, on-line systems, WWW and other Internet services, fax delivery, and CDROM. We are able to re-use information in many formats. Our Internet domains are currently provided by outside suppliers with high speed access and 24/7 support. We have assistance from associates located in Washington, New York and California states of the US as well as Japan and Australia.

The corporation is privately held.

Address Card: 
B. Green Associates International, Inc.

PO BOX 3076 SANTA CLARA  CA  95055-3076 USA

+ 1
(408) 249-3933
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(408) 249-3939 (Japanese Language)
(408) 877-1581